Web Presence Development

With one-third of the world’s population and 77% of the U.S. population online, there is a good chance that your customer today is web-savvy and familiar with technology. Online marketing is different from traditional print marketing and we use different tools used to reach an online audience. Your messaging must be consistent across all channels, online or offline, and easily sharable. In order to get the most out of your dollars spent on online marketing, it is necessary to fully integrate your branding such that no matter how your customers or clients find you, by picking up a brochure or searching Google, their experience is seamless and leads to your purchase path.

Content Marketing

The best way to make your website work for your business is to share great content. Be a resource for your customers, highlight the uniqueness of your brand, develop consistent, effective content that keeps your customers coming back and sharing your brand with their friends. Whether you have a blog strategy, email marketing campaign or a highly interactive facebook page, your goal is to create a content strategy that fits into your business plan, as well as your budget and most importantly will get results.

Request for Website Proposal (RFP) Development

As a small business owner, your website should be a tool, within your control, for business development, for customer feedback and interaction, as well as sales of products and services. Creating an RFP for a website can be overwhelming. From defining the target audience your site will reach to identifying the goals of your site and what features and functionality you need. Take the time to understand the questions to ask about website development and design so that the proposals you receive will be useful in developing a website that is an instrument you know how to play to maximize results.

Project Management

You need to focus on your primary job responsibilities, not managing the process of website design, site map creation, content development and of course identifying key words for search engine optimization (SEO). Leave these in the capable hands of your project manager, who will develop a timeline, communicate with the programming and design team and keep your project on time and within budget.

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