Included in Support Tasks

Here are some examples of the types of tasks that are included in Support Tasks. If you are unsure which type of request you have, submit it here and we will let you know.

Site Maintenance

Daily offsite backups
Theme updates
Plugin updates
Updates to WordPress core
Clean up old plugins & themes
Identify broken links


Virus detection
Security scans
Prevent spam
Delete vulnerable files
Enforce strong passwords

Content Updates

Edit page/post content
Add/edit blog/event posts
Setup a favicon
Solve alignment issues
Tweak your stylesheet (CSS)
Add or swap images on pages
Adjust existing form settings*

SEO Activities

Edit meta descriptions
Install SEO plugin
Submit sitemap
Fix broken links
Optimize an image for a blog post
Create a popup

*NOTE: Troubleshooting forms, registration or membership forms for example, may or may not be included in Support Tasks. It depends on how complex the issue is.

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