Consider This…


From a $20 Music Video to Touring in 4 Countries

An example of this trend is Kate Leahy who with a budget of $20 and with some creativity and hard work made a YouTube video from her bedroom in outback Australia and marketed herself to the world (without an agent or a record label) and ended up touring Europe for 4 months and performing at shows across 4 countries only 3 months after producing her video “The Life Raft“ . Kate made a stop-motion video using over 900 compiled photos that took her an entire month to produce but it was done on time and she didn’t go over her budget but she had control and she was able to do it herself.  If you are passionate and determined, the social web is changing with is possible.


Tweet Your Breakfast Order

In this ‘Twitter for Business’ Case Study by Square Martini Media, notice that J.R. Cohen, manager of Coffee Groundz, spent his first hour with Twitter ‘just looking at it, not knowing what to do’.   Small business owners my frequently find themselves in this situation, particularly in today when there are hundreds of social media tools, each with its own marketing appeal.

If the above case studies are not persuasive enough, perhaps the video below will provide you additional insights into the future of the social web.


Did You Know?  4.0