Your small business website should not only bring visitors to your site, but provide every opportunity to turn those visitors into leads and sales by providing what they need to do business with you once they have arrived. Three areas to focus on are:

  1. Creating a path to your site on the web
  2. Offering a well organized, visually appealing experience for your visitors
  3. Continually providing up-to-date, useful content

Can your customers find your website?

There are literally billions of websites today. The online path to your site moves from going live with your site, to being ‘crawled’ or indexed by the search bots to having the right keywords that match your customer’s search such that your site appears, ideally on the first page, of their search results. OR, visitors are referred to your site via a referral site or an ad.

Is your site search engine optimized?

There are over 200 factors that Google uses in their patented, continuously updated PageRank system and these factors determine your site’s position in search results. Factors such as inbound links to your site, effective use of keywords within your site, use of descriptive title and meta tags are included on the list but it is important to understand that gaming the system can get your site banned from Google Search. Check out this Beginners Guide to SEO to learn more, however as the internet and web technology are changing almost daily, two things are certain – 1) SEO should be considered an ongoing part of your marketing budget. 2) working with a knowledgeable consultant will get you started in the right direction.

Some factors to focus on:

Are you listed in local online directories?

Even though the web is full of spiders, pardon the pun, working continually to ‘crawl’ new and updated pages for the search engines, the odds that your site is the only one in your industry are slim. While it might be tempting to follow an ad offering submission to ‘hundreds of search engines’, it is usually more effective to identify a specific selection of top search engines and directories and manually submit your site.

Try these to start