Meet Lisa K., Digital Media ConsultantWhat is digital media consulting?  It is the practice of effectively integrating today’s digital and online tools with your business model in order for your business to become more social.  It is understanding how social media is affecting the way we work, live and play and leveraging that knowledge for business development, by cultivating customers into brand advocates, by being a thought leader in your industry, by understanding that the dynamics of interacting with clients has changed…how will it affect your business?

As any good social media consultant will tell you, in order to be successful in the social space, it is important to first define your purpose. What is it that you are trying to accomplish and how will you rally your clients, customers, visitors, readers, friends, family and others around this goal?

The purpose of this website is to be a resource for entrepreneurs, non-profits and small businesses.

Social Media Tools – How they work and ways to use them successfully to develop community around your business.

Website Design – How to effectively use your website as tool for communication with your clients and customers.

The Goal of the site is to not only post articles and useful links, but to create opportunities for conversation and the exchange of information. ‘Getting Social with Lisa K.’ offers a virtual community where discussion and collaboration are the primary objective.  Selling is not allowed.

Membership is exclusive only in the sense that all participants have a sincere desire to discuss issues, offer suggestions and learn. Topics include mini case studies on the social media success or challenges small business face, tips & tricks we have learned along the way and updates & links to new information with our take on it’s uses.

If you are interested in joining our discussion, contact for an invitation.


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