Creating Business Opportunities with Your Website

Your business website should be a tool that you can leverage to accomplish your business goals.  For non-eCommerce sites, your site should support:

Building your community

Especially for churches, synagogues, non-profit organizations and community groups, but also for small business owners and service providers; including functionality like discussion forums, blog posts that encourage comments, photo galleries, pod casts, etc. on your site, provides a natural extension of in-person activities, thus fostering ongoing interest and engagement.

Augmenting Customer Service

Potentially even automate some of your customer service. Create a site that is a self-service portal for your customers such that once they reach you, they are better informed and closer to point of purchase.  FAQ pages and DIY how-to’s not only help you provide faster and more detailed customer service, but it help with search engine optimization (SEO) as well!

Generating New Leads

Create webforms to help your clients figure out how you can best help them.  What services are they interested in?  What is their price-range?  Couple this with high quality information on your value proposition and a call-to-action for follow up.

Raise Brand Awareness

Connect with the local market by offering monthly specials.  Increase subscribers to your eNewsletter with an offer to your 5-part series on ‘Working Effectively with Boomers and Millennials’.



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