Build a WordPress website for your business, in less than an hour

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Build a 4-page WordPress website in less than an hour

This course will walk you thru, step-by-step to building a fully functioning website in about 60 minutes. If you get stuck, call me! I’ll talk you thru.

There are tons of options for building WordPress websites.
But this is one of the fastest ways to build a fully functioning site on your own custom URL. All you need to purchase is hosting.

Before you start, you’ll need:

1) A domain name – You can purchase your domain name during the hosting setup process (included in course), but it’s a good idea to check to make sure the domain name you want is available first. Search available domain names here:

2) Content for your site. You can always change/add/update your site’s content at any time, but to speed up the process for getting started, you’ll want to have at least a rough draft of some content for your about us page and maybe a photo or two for your home page.

Not ready to commit to a domain name? Check out some free options to start creating content and engaging your audience.

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