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Add a Post to your LinkedIn Newsfeed

To add a new post to your LinkedIn Newsfeed, sign in, then click on >Home.  Then type your post into the box next to your picture that says “Share an Update”.  Choose whether to share your post with the public or only your connections, then click >Share.

Keep in mind that your LinkedIn post is limited to 600 characters, so your goal should be to create a snappy intro to your topic and include a link to more information.

Shortening a Link

If you have a link that is too long for your post, try one of these link-shortening sites to create a much shorter link that is perfect for social media posting.

 Why Post to LinkedIn?

When you post and comment on your LinkedIn newsfeed you are engaging your network in several ways:

  1. Staying Top of Mind – you are putting yourself back on the radar of your connections.

  2. Gaining Exposure for your Business – your posts and comments are shared with your network for others to see.  If one of your connections comments on your post, the whole thing is also shared on their newsfeed for their connections to see.

  3. Establishing Yourself as an Expert – sharing some of your knowledge and expertise is a great way to let potential customers know what you are capable of.

Viewing your LinkedIn Posts

If you want to only see posts from your connections, from your home page, change >All Updates to ‘Connections’, or if you prefer, to ‘News’ or the groups or companies you follow.  This will control which posts you see.  Note: LinkedIn defaults to ‘All Updates’ so you may have to change this setting more than once.

Interesting Note: When you view LinkedIn posts on your mobile device, they are different than those you seen from your laptop.

Viewing your LinkedIn Posts
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