12 Interactive features to help you connect with your clients

Adding interactive features to your site goes beyond simply providing information. It gives your visitors the opportunity to connect with your brand and lets them start to get to know you before you have even met.

Adding interactive features to your site can not only increase user retention, they can also improve your conversion rates.

The good news is that there are tons of useful features that you can add to any website at no cost to you. So even if you are just getting started, your budget won’t hold you back!


Want potential clients to be able to easily contact you? Create a Gmail account. It’s free, includes tons of features, has great spam protection, plus you can check your email from anywhere. You can even use your Gmail account as a dashboard to check all of your email accounts in one place.

Appointment Scheduling

Want to convert more website leads into clients? Make it super easy to schedule an appointment with you by linking your Calendly account to your site. Let your clients make an appointment at their convenience.

Sell Products

Did you know that you can sell products without setting up a full storefront? Check out Stripe Payment Links to setup a product, add an image and then simply share the link or create a QR code to collect payment.

NOTE: As with all credit card purchases, Stripe will charge a fee to process your sale. But using Stripe products lets you test out a few products without having to spend time or money setting up a shop before you are ready.

Image Gallery / Product Showcase

Using appealing images draws visitors in to your site in a way that text does not. Almost all website platforms include the option to add one or more image galleries to your site for free. Take full advantage of this feature by using clear, professional looking photos that have been optimized for the web to showcase your products & services.

Newsletter Signup

Start building community around your products & services by developing a list of contacts and communicating with them regularly. Not only does a newsletter help you build trust & credibility with your followers, it lets you share interesting and useful content so your users know you have expertise in your field. Potential clients are much more likely to do business with with someone they know and trust. Mailchimp offers a free tier to get you started.

Survey/Support Request/Feedback Forms

Forms are a great way to encourage visitors to interact with your site. Using Google Forms or a basic Survey Monkey account, you can take your customer service to the next level by adding the following to your site:

  • Customer Service Feedback form
  • Proposal Request form
  • Appointment Request form
  • Tech Support Request form
  • Consent form


Customer testimonials help build trust. Think of them like a referral that can also help introduce and explain your services to others. Buying is often an emotional process. Testimonials create confidence in the seller’s offer in a way that a simple product description may not. If your business has a Google Business page, use this to collect testimonials and then link them to your site to share with others.

Product Documentation

Adding product documentation to your website is not only useful to let current customers know how your products & services work. You can also use it to update customers know about new features and releases. Plus, documentation gives your site an SEO boost since potential clients can now discover your documentation as an answer to their Google search. Start by adding a product documentation page to your site, which can be as simple as adding some How To’s and maybe some images.

Latest News

A blog or news post brings traffic to your website. It can help you build authority in your industry as well as brand recognition. A blog or news feed is the perfect way to add regular content to your site which in turn helps your site’s SEO (aka: site get found in Google).

You can use your news feed to educate your customers and share the latest news. But you can also use it to gain clarity and confidence in your brand and services that you offer. Free blogging is included with both and

Customer Support

Your website is a great way to introduce potential customers to your products and services. But it can also be a useful tool to provide excellent customer support. Add features like a services FAQ, product documentation or the option to submit an online support request to let your customers know that you are there for them 24/7.

Resource Downloads

Adding a downloadable eBook or guide at the end of a blog post gives your reader the option to access more in-depth information with a simple click. This can be especially valuable for potential clients who are unfamiliar with your services.

For example step-by-step guides and trainings are an excellent way to provide a resource that can be saved and referenced later as needed. There are a variety of free online options to convert documents to PDF.

Event Registration


Even before you are ready to add an event calendar to your own website, you can use a blog page to post about your upcoming events and then link to an event platform like Eventbrite, or RSVPify for signups. You could even create a Google Form to collect event signups.

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